Dr. T.A. Khoa nguyen

thuyanhkhoa.nguyen --at--


Khoa is a junior group leader currently supported by a SNSF Ambizione fellowship. He joined the Neurosurgery Department at Inselspital in late 2017 and has also been a member of the Image Guided Therapy Group at ARTORG University of Bern since 2019. He completed his Ph.D. at ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne.

Khoa's primary research interests is the mapping of deep brain stimulation to facilitate DBS programming with segmented leads and improve patient outcome.

alba segura amil

PhD student

alba.seguraamil --at--

Alba is a PhD student interested in brain connectivity and how brain pathways are affected during clinical DBS treatments.

With a biomedical engineering background, she is focused on the application of fiber tractography to study and optimize DBS treatments of patients with neurological disorders.

adriana jorge

IAESTE intern

adriana.jorge --at--

Adriana is a biomedical engineer with a particular interest in studying the brain and its disorders.

The goal of her project is to reduce DBS-induced side effects in Parkinson's disease patients, in particular, speech impairments. She uses Freesurfer, MRtrix, and Lead-DBS to relate stimulation parameters with speech side effects. 

Collaborations with BrainStimMapping

Neurosurgery Department Inselspital

Dr. Sabry Barlatey, Dr. David Zhang, Dr. Matteo Montalbetti, 

Dr. Andreas Nowacki, Prof. Claudio Pollo

Neurology / Movement Disorder Unit Inselspital

Katrin Petermann, Dr. Ines Debove, Prof. Paul Krack

Neuroradiology Department Inselspital

Past collaborators/ students

Bryan Perdrizat

Jan Waligorski

Quentin Savary

Simona Leserri

Simon Nordenström

Dr. Amer Jaradat

Roberto Garza

Jean-Philippe Lévy

Martin Schober